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Let's play ! Customized for your pet

BowlHome Original Pop Art

Let's play ! Customized for your pet

z bowlhome Pop Art
BowlHome Pop Art
Bull Dog
Your pet's name
BowlHome Original Pop Art
Support Pop art mess tins, the timeless fashion. When the art invites itself around your animal...

Content Pack

1 custom BowlHome
1 Clean Lips "cloth"
2 stainless steel Bowls 16cm
Content Pack
BowlHome is made of 100% recycled polyethylene.

Designed & Assembled
in France
BowlHome was thought to animals small and medium sizes.

Ex : Jack russel, bull dog, westi, chiwawa...
BowlHome is an interior object.

It is recommended not to expose it to the sun so extended.

Weight : 2,5 Kg
Width : 17,70"
Height : 18,90"
Depth : 10,60"