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Let's play ! Customized for your pet

BowlHome Original Cocoon

Let's play ! Customized for your pet

z bowlhome Cocoon
BowlHome Cocoon
Bull Dog
Your pet's name
BowlHome Original Cocoon
Support mess tins Cocoon, a small place of comfort. His blow of paw is unique : his mess tin looks like him...

Content Pack

1 custom BowlHome
1 Clean Lips "cloth"
2 stainless steel Bowls 16cm
Content Pack
BowlHome is made of 100% recycled polyethylene.

Designed & Assembled
in France
BowlHome was thought to animals small and medium sizes.

Ex : Jack russel, bull dog, westi, chiwawa...
BowlHome is an interior object.

It is recommended not to expose it to the sun so extended.

Weight : 2,5 Kg
Width : 17,70"
Height : 18,90"
Depth : 10,60"